Bees, Wasps & Hornets! workerbee

Some PDF's that I've produced to help answer some of the more common questions
I've got bees   Information about some of the different types of bee that you may discover taking up residence around your home. There are about 250 species of bees & about 9,000 species of wasps in the U.K.!
swarm collection   What to expect when you report a swarm.
swarm Info   A double-sided A5 leaflet of facts and figures about bees and why they swarm.
Looking into a hive   This is a short video that I took during the test of a remote wildlife camera. It's looking into the entrance of a hive. Notice the bees "fanning", they are creating an air flow to help manage the temperature and humidity of the hive. Also note how calm the bees are - this is quite normal.
YouTube Video   a "TEDed Lessons Worth Sharing" video, titled "The Death Of Bees Explained – Parasites, Poison and Humans "
Hornets - Web sites
Hornets - Gentle Giants!    
Hornet - Wikipedia    
Asian Hornets - Ministry Information
A Simple Asian Hornet Monitoring Trap    
Asian Hornet ID    
Asian Hornet Alert Poster